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AOTM OCR is a cutting-edge AI-powered optical character recognition solution tailored to revolutionize your document processing needs. Available as an SDK, Cloud SaaS, and integrated with IDP, ICP, and various other document processing solutions, AOTM OCR excels in handling complex data scenarios, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and performance.

Experience the power of advanced AI technology with AOTM OCR, designed to overcome traditional OCR limitations and deliver exceptional results. Unlock new digital possibilities with our innovative solutions, customized to enhance your organizational efficiency and precision

Advanced OCR for Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency

Our solution accurately recognizes partial or unclear words and provides highly precise bounding boxes.

Advanced Table Detection and Content Segmentation

Ensures accurate extraction and organization of data.

Multi-language Support

Easily process documents in 33 languages including Latin and Indic languages, making our OCR tool versatile for global applications.

Holistic Detection Strategy

Overcomes traditional OCR limitations with domain-specific customization.

Partial Character Detection and Auto-correction

Utilizes domain knowledge, validation rules, and machine learning for enhanced accuracy.

Robust Segmentation and Recognition

Superior to leading OCR engines, driven by advanced AI capabilities.

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“We are now processing over 500,000 invoices a month, tens of thousands more than we were dealing with before, with the same number of employees. By avoiding the need to increase our headcount, we estimate we’re saving around $75 million a year.”

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