Automated Data Extraction for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Made Easy

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance continue to rely on paper-based documentation and the drawbacks of paper-based documentation are many. It is cumbersome, expensive, and prone to errors.

AOTM cognitive automation solution help you automate your business workflow with automated classification, extraction, and data validation.

automated data extraction

Process BFSI documents in minutes!

AOTM’s Intelligent Document Processing can help you speed up your BFSI document processing. BFSI firms can use AOTM to extract, process, and interpret data from various BFSI documents with 90% or higher accuracy across all document formats.

A Hub for All Your Data

Automate your processes with IDP and increase customer satisfaction rate.

Speed Up Customer Onboarding Processes

Don’t keep your customers waiting! With AOTM solution, you can speed up customer onboarding processes.

Improve Insurance Claims Processing

Process colossal volumes of data you need to document insurance claims, such as claim forms, tax receipts, invoices, etc., with 99.9% accuracy with AOTM.

Automate KYC Screening and Processing

Verify customer data in a minute! You can now automate KYC screening and processes with AOTM.

Reduce the Cost of Manual Labour by 50%

You can now cut down manual data processing and verification costs with AOTM solution. Extract and process data automatically from tax forms, financial reports, payslips, and balance sheets efficiently.

Template-Free Data Extraction from Bank Statements, Invoices, and Financial Documents

Employ AOTM solution today to quickly extract and populate fields from bank statements, financial reports, credit card applications, etc. Save time for other essential tasks by automating your workflow!

Cost Efficient

Reduce your data processing costs by more than 50%.

Enables Smooth Business Processes

Get work done efficiently and at a faster rate with AOTM solution.

Eliminate Errors

With 99.9% accuracy, bid goodbye to errors.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy with quick and automated business processes.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“We are now processing over 500,000 invoices a month, tens of thousands more than we were dealing with before, with the same number of employees. By avoiding the need to increase our headcount, we estimate we’re saving around $75 million a year.”

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