Simplifying your logistics processes today with AOTM

AOTM captures large volumes of data from various documents, such as bill of lading, packing lists and delivery notes within minutes. AOTM helps you to free your skilled employees, so that they can focus on high value tasks and also eliminates manual keying of data which is error prone.

Streamline the toughest processes in your business with AOTM

The operations team in the organization has to go through and manually process thousands of bill of lading documents in a day.

Now it is time for your business to automate data extraction from bill of lading with AOTM, which saves time and money.

A Hub for All Your Data

Automate your processes with IDP and increase customer satisfaction rate.

Speed Up Logistics Document Processes

Digitise the documents, extract key data points with intelligent document processing, and integrate with core systems for easy access until the goods are delivered.

Improve Packing List Processing

With intelligent document processing, extract the packed elements from the paper-based packaging list and add the data to the digital consignment case folder managed over cloud ECM for anytime, anywhere access.

Automate Shipment Management

Accelerate shipment processing by digitising paperwork received via fax, excel spreadsheets, and online forms. Using intelligent document processing, you can extract key data points.

Reduce the Cost of Manual Labour by 50%

You can now cut down manual data processing and verification costs with AOTM solution. Extract and process data automatically from bills of lading, shipment labels, customs documents, and packaging lists efficiently.

Template-Free Data Extraction from BOL, Shipment Labels, and Customs Documents

Employ AOTM solution today for quick extraction of data and populate fields from various documents in your business process, such as bills of lading, shipment labels,  packing lists, customs documents, etc. It saves time so that you can concentrate on critical tasks by automating your workflow.

Cost Efficient

Reduce your data processing costs by more than 50%.

Enables Smooth Business Processes

Get work done efficiently and at a faster rate with AOTM solution.

Eliminate Errors

With 99.9% accuracy, bid goodbye to errors.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy with quick and automated business processes.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“We are now processing over 500,000 invoices a month, tens of thousands more than we were dealing with before, with the same number of employees. By avoiding the need to increase our headcount, we estimate we’re saving around $75 million a year.”

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