Intelligent Document Processing for Insurance Claims

The insurance industry is data-driven and heavily dependent on documentation. With the complexity of documents involved, automation has been a challenge. Some levels of automation used by insurers come with setbacks adding to errors and extra cost. ‍However, you can always rely on AOTM’s IDP claim processing to handle multiple data extraction in one go.

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Challenges with Manual Claims Processing

The claim processing is an intricate task, as it involves many administrative, managerial, and manual efforts to extract the required data. It requires a complete system of manual labor, forecasting of business, management of databases and a well-organized IT structure to support the processing.


We Provide IDP Solution to make Claims Processing Easier

AOTM assists with insurance claims by providing intelligent document processing solution.

Auto-Classification of Documents

AOTM IDP solution helps automatically classify the documents making it easy for the user to sort through various documents at a time.

Data Extraction from Multiple Formats

AOTM IDP solution assists in extracting and data processing from various formats, be it an image, PDF, or business forms.

data extraction from multiple sources

Save Time

Enhance your business flow by reducing document processing time by 85%.


Reduce data processing costs by 50% and bid goodbye to high labour costs.

99.9% Accuracy Rate

Reduce the risk of human errors with AOTM Solution.

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