Automation of Form W-2 data processing with AOTM IDP

With AOTM IDP, you can stop manually extracting data from W-2 forms and start enjoying the advantages of automation. Easy data extraction with clever validation, quicker turnaround, and little setup time.

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Challenges with W-2 Forms Processing

Businesses must sort through a lot of W-2 forms when completing their taxes. These forms are frequently processed manually, which takes a lot of time and necessitates a substantial investment in human resources.

Even if everything is done manually, there are still errors in this process, which mandates an additional layer of verification and raises the cost to the organization.

We Provide IDP Solution to make W-2 Forms Processing Easier

AOTM assists with W-2 forms processing by providing intelligent document processing solution.

Auto-Classification of Documents

AOTM IDP solution helps automatically classify the documents making it easy for the user to sort through various documents at a time.

Data Extraction from Multiple Formats

AOTM IDP solution assists in extracting and data processing from various formats, be it an image, PDF, or business forms.

data extraction from multiple sources

Save Time

Enhance your business flow by reducing document processing time by 85%.


Reduce data processing costs by 50% and bid goodbye to high labour costs.

99.9% Accuracy Rate

Reduce the risk of human errors with AOTM Solution.

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